Albin Werle - Ten Spells for Humanity or a Poison Dart for the Ruling Class


Opening Friday   14.9.18  18:00–21:00 

Saturday   15.9.18   14:00–17:00

Sunday  16.9.18  14:00–17:00 

Thursday 20.9.18  18:00–21:00

Friday   21.9.18  18:00–21:00

Saturday   22.9.18   14:00–17:00

Sunday   23.9.18  14:00–17:00


Destiny's Atelier is delighted to invite you to the opening of Albin Werle's exhibition

'Ten spells for humanity or a poison dart for the ruling class' this Friday 18:00.


Albin Werle is an artist based in Copenhagen, working in the field between visual art, game design, and traditional magic practices. His works mostly take place as games, game-like workshops and conversations.


The artist will be present during the opening hours to introduce and activate the games with visitors to the exhibition. The duration of each game varies and the participants may come and go as they like. Signing up is not required.