Kingos gate 4

0457 OSLO

and by appointment

Shikh Sabbir Alam


07.07.17 – 09.07.17

Recall the feeling of opening your eyes after sleeping, and observing your surroundings – two mangoes on the kitchen counter, a pigeon on the window sill – as they gradually become discernable. Don't they seem simultaneously strange and self-evident? As your language re-installs itself and everything seems once again familiar, you abandon this impressionable state to start your day. Or recall sitting on a street corner watching people going about their lives, the insouciant elegance of people momentarily unaware of themselves. These are common sights. Their sense of rarity is caused only by their fleeting character. Shikh Sabbir Alam describes trivial glints like these; a farmer tending to his crops; a duck ducking; cows cowing or bananas being bananas, with delicate determination. His drawings and paintings are reminiscent of mental after-images. Thoroughly registered – then invented through memory, Alam animates these matter-of-factly scenes with wakeful precision.